Easy-to-care-for houseplant: Tillandsia

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If you tend to kill most houseplants, consider growing  a Tillandsia and you may never have to say “I’m sorry” again! Also known as air plants, Tillandsias are intriguing, easy-to-care-for plants that flourish without soil and obtain water and nutrients from the air. Simply mount them on a board other object or grow them in a hanging globe or tube terrarium, which can also be purchased at Shop TBG. Mist frequently or briefly dunk the plant in water. How easy is that?

A vast assortment of these amazing little creatures are waiting for you at Shop TBG. Display them individually or in fantastic, textured clusters that make for eye-catching living art. It’s a great way to accent your home or office with no need for a green thumb, and a perfect gift for lovers of the natural world. Small $3.99 and Large $19.99.

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All proceeds support the Toronto Botanical Garden

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