Download the New Fall/Winter Program Guide!

TBG is one of the best places to learn about plants, gardening and horticulture. Join the hundreds of adults who share your interest and learn from experts in the field. Day, evening and weekend classes are designed to fit any schedule. Choose from more than 100 classes each year. There are programs to suit every level of experience and area of interest.

>>Download the Adult Education Program Guide: Fall & Winter 2015 (pdf)

>>Download the Adult Education Program Guide: Spring & Summer 2015 (pdf)




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  • Linda Levine

    Have received my certification but still want to take new classes not taken previously in cert. program . Would love to learn how to prep and manipulate branches,twigs etc to work into floral arrangements. Love the modern, unusual and unexpected floral arrangements and learn the mechanics and tricks there of.

    Thank you
    Linda Levine