HortiCULTURE Lecture Series

Reviving Rare Plants at The Riverwood Conservancy
Thursday, March 19, 1 to 2:30 p.m.
The northernmost part of Canada’s Eastern Deciduous forest, the Carolinian Zone, hosts numerous rare native wildflowers. Many are endangered due to loss of habitat, or years of over-harvesting from the wild. Join Nina Barabas, co-author of Wildflowers of Riverwood, to explore the impacts of including them in our gardens.
Offered in partnership with the North American Native Plant Society.
[PG15P06] Dr. Nina Barabas


Saving Seeds in the City: From Aster to Zucchini
Thursday, April 16, 1 to 2:30 p.m.
Learn how Seed Libraries work with Brendan Behrmann, Chief Librarian of the Toronto Seed Library. Explore basic seed saving, seed freedom, cleaning and storage, plus advanced techniques like how to plan seed gardens, and how to deal with biennials & hard-to-save seeds. Bring your questions and expertise, and pick up free seeds!
[PG15P22] Brendan Behrmann


This daytime lecture series explore the landscape where horticulture and culture intersect on the third Thursday of every month. Light refreshments included.

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