Allan Gardens Conservatory

Allan Gardens Conservatory is over 100 years old with a garden-filled greenhouse that covers over 16,000 square feet. This garden is open to the public year-round. It contains tropical plants from all over the world from palm trees to cacti. There are also seasonal plantings throughout the year.

How to get there
Allan Gardens is easily accessible by TTC. Take the Yonge subway to College Station. Then take an eastbound Carlton streetcar to Sherbourne St. Allan Gardens is located on the south side of Carlton St. between Jarvis Ave. and Sherbourne St.

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    • Toronto Botanical Garden

      Yes, it does seem too good to be true…but you are correct. Our gardens are open daily from dawn til dusk. They are outdoor gardens and there is no admission fee. Parking is free too.

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  10. Jane

    Our annual Christmas event. We are never disappointed. The staff do such an amazing job of decorating with plants for the Christmas season.

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  13. kokocat

    Is there a database of flowers and plants that grow at Allan Gardens? Pictures and their names would be very useful to curious visitors like myself.

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  15. bev

    perhaps I missed them on this site but as a former torontonian now living in Halifax where there are no winter gardens and a particularly bitter winter, I long to see plants and green and buds. Could you not put up some images? I d kick in a few bucks if it would help.

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  22. Lou

    When I was a young boy I remember a picture of my father on the front page of the Toronto Telegram repairing the glass that was damaged by a bomb planted by the FLQ. Could you provide me with details so that I may look this up and see if I can get a copy of that picture and article. It looks like Allen Gardens…I hope I got the right building.

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  25. Stephanie


    I was wondering if you require a permit to take wedding photos. and if so how much is the permit? We are getting married on November 7th and we are looking for somewhere to take some beautiful photos and family members before us have taken photos here as well.


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