What does LEED mean?

The TBG facility has been designed according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System and its underlying principles. The Toronto Botanical Garden was one of the first to register a project with the new Canadian version of LEED® and the first not-for-profit to achieve LEED® certification in the city of Toronto.

LEED® recognizes leading-edge buildings that incorporate design, construction and operational practices that combine healthy, high-quality and high-performance advantages with reduced environmental impacts. LEED® provides a voluntary, consensus-based, market-responsive set of criteria that evaluateS project performance from a whole-building, whole-life perspective, providing a common understanding for what constitutes a “green building” in the Canadian context.

LEED® awards points for meeting specific performance criteria, defined in Prerequisites and Credits that outperform typical standard practice. Building occupants are assured of superior building performance by an independent review of a project’s construction documents. The review is conducted by experienced design professionals following a well-defined, transparent methodology.

Canada Green Building Council

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