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Where Will We Go Next!

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2014 started off with the most wonderful tour in India…we had such fun and I would like to share one of the comments I got back from it:

“Hi Donna, So many friends have asked us about our trip. The following images spring to mind over and over again:

  • the vast history of India as preserved in its forts, palaces and monuments
  • the people and their tolerance, respect for all living things
  • the people and their friendliness, their infectious smiles, the feeling that they were genuinely happy that we had come to visit their country
  • the joy of their weddings as evidenced in spontaneous dancing. Their willingness to share their joy by inviting complete strangers to participate
  • the music, the brilliant colours, the uniformed school children at every national monument

Last, but far from least, the effort and attention to detail you expended to make every day FULL of unforgettable experiences and memories. We especially appreciate your thoughtfulness for arranging the airport accommodations while awaiting our long flight home. Many thanks again!”

- Arlene and Bill

If you want to come along with me in 2016 – let me know at my email address, I can then put you on the list to receive tour information as soon as ready for booking. All my tours are small group tours and book up quickly.

In April we head off to Historical and Magical Turkey on our Tulips, Gardens and History Tour. Tulips play a big part here and we will be right in the thick of them on our visit….beds and beds of colourful tulips. A sure cure for winter white.

In May we visit London for 8 nights in one hotel and the famous Chelsea Flower Show…can hardly wait! I have been putting tours together since 1998 and Chelsea was my first one and continues to draw old tour guests and new every year. This tour includes some very special private gardens.

June sees us in Ireland where we will spend a whole day at the flower filled World Association of Flower Arrangers Show, an event that draws designers from all over the world, plus of course there will be the gardens we will see…both private and public.

I close off my tour year with one of the most incredible tours to South Africa in October…and this year I have added some very exclusive private gardens to the mix. We also stay in a private safari reserve so you can experience what it is like seeing animals in their natural environment. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience..but saying that I have guests from my last tour coming back again as they enjoyed it so much.

All tours are fully booked for 2014 now. Do visit or email me at if you require further information.

It’s fun but also a lot of work putting these tours together. All those who travel with me know I spend months if not years just ‘getting it right’ and I am so pleased to be able to present to you some tours that took a long while to get it just right…for you.

Singapore/Bali – March 2015
Also click on to see the long day by day…this tour is extraordinarily wonderful and booking!

China Peony Festival Tour – April 2015
Always a sell out and a lot of fun….and already booking.

The above two are complete and up on the site now.

Chelsea 2015 – will it be Paris/Chelsea or London Chelsea and maybe out to the Cotswold’s – what would you like?

Australia in October 2015 – I am still working on this tour but I can tell you it will be special. Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania are so full of life and after visiting them all I was thrilled and excited about coming home to design a tour. Tasmania will surely surprise you with its gardens and people.

The above tours are the ones I have scheduled but I can also put in others like Bulgaria and their incredible roses in June, Israel in June with such stunning landscapes, architecture and gardens, or beautiful Siena/Montecatini Terme, Italy in June. These are some other suggestions but I would need at least 10 of you signing up to make one of these tours go. I have been to them all and know you would enjoy them very much.

You can visit some of the other tours I have done here please note that I have not done recaps of India 2014, or Australia 2013 or Argentina 2013…I will get around to them after June this year when I have some time to do them…

Every tour is a small group tour…. So what I would like is to have your input…are you interested in any of these tours? If you are, do let me know and I will put you in my file to notify just as soon as ready for booking.

I look forward to your very valuable input!


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