Herb Garden

Herbs and healing plants have a wide variety of uses, including preventing and curing diseases, aiding digestion, healing wounds, treating venomous bites and stings, and pain relief.  The plants in this garden are divided into sections, one of which represents the native plants used by the First Nations, notably the local Iroquois, and the other the people of China, for medicinal purposes.  Many of their traditional methods of healing and medicine are still being practised today.

The herb garden is made up of circular beds bordered with corten steel (a naturally oxidized coating) to contain the vigorous herb plantings. These beds are surrounded by gravel walks, which allow for easy access and observation. It also consists of a small section adjacent to the City glasshouse, where the herbs indicative of the First Nations are planted.

Some of the circular beds have also been converted to herb plantings which accompany the cultural cuisine chosen for the Kitchen Garden for any particular year.

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