Photography/Film Shoot

Permits are required for all professional photography (weddings, graduations etc.) and film shoots at the Toronto Botanical Garden. TBG permits are only valid for designated areas at the TBG. TBG permit fee $275.00 (taxes extra)

A separate permit is required for Edwards Gardens (adjacent to the TBG) for photography or ceremonies in the Park. For Edwards Gardens Permits please contact the City of Toronto permit office at 416-392-8188.

Film and Commercial Photography Shoots may be accepted subject to availability and operational requirements.

Contact the TBG Rental office for details, 416-397-1324.

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  1. Jamie Angel

    It is so frustrating to get through to someone there! Even if all you need is information about rates and permits…it’s always a voicemail.

  2. Megan Patrick

    I am getting married next February (2016) and I wanted to come to TBG for an hour photo shoot . Are they still open , if so what is the price estimate ?

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