>Oct. 27-Nov. 2

>Oct. 27-Nov. 2

>In the Garden Hall Courtyard Water Channel you will find:
Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea); a white-blooming shrub with four seasons of interest, leaves turn brilliant orange, red, yellow in fall if planted in sunny location


In the Westview Terrace:
Fothergilla gardenii (Dwarf Witch Alder). Compact, slow-growing, deciduous shrub with fragrant spring flowers and superior fall colour.

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:
Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’ (Switch Grass).; upright blue-green foliage shorter than other varieties, bright yellow for fall

In the Westview Terrace:
Acer palmatum var. dissectum (Dissectum Viride Group) (Japanese Maple) ; dwarf, mounded with cascading branches; green leaves turn yellow to red – orange here! for fall

Also in the Westview Terrace:
Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Inaba-Shidare’ (Japanese Maple); deep purple-red in summer, leaves turn brilliant crimson in fall

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