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777 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto ON

Carpet Beds

These carpet beds skilfully carry on the tradition of Victorian carpet bedding. They are planted and maintained by the City of Toronto’s Parks staff. They…


Bird Houses

In 2010 the TBG held its first bird house building competition called “For the Birds”. Both professional design firms and the general public were invited…

webbed art in entry walk

The Garden Web Sculpture

In May of 2010, a magnificent new sculpture was installed into the Entry Garden. Commissioned by the Garden Club of Toronto and designed by renowned…


Stooks & Punes

“Stooks & Punes” is a playful and evocative temporary art installation created by celebrated artist and award-winning garden designer W. Gary Smith. “Stooks and Punes”…


What does LEED mean?

The TBG facility has been designed according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System and its underlying principles. The…